Indeed Meguro, a second engineering base in Japan, is a unique collaboration between the latest ergonomics furniture and Zen spirits.
We designed their first engineering base (indeed Japan Ebisu) which is 1.5 times larger with industrial theme. Therefore our challenge was to design a new office which attracts engineers in different aspects so they are excited to work in both environment, on top of keeping up with the quality standards. To illustrate the contrast between the two, we softened everything. Color scheme, fabric, lighting, plants and so on. Soft color scheme illustrates playful functions to trigger inspiration and creativity. Combination of inspirational design and sound absorbing materials resulted in productive yet serene office.

Type: Office
City: Tokyo, Japan
Completion Date: January, 2017
Size: 1700 sqm

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As an interior design firm, we have many guests to see our office on a daily bases.