X-NODE is one of the most popular and growing incubation centers in Shanghai, China. As a platform for tech innovation, they develop an ecosystem where startups experience accerelated growth by providing designated physical workspace.
This international platform leads startups and entrepreneurs by supporting them find the perfect product/market fit for their respective industries especially in China. X-NODE connects startups and entrepreneurs to the right resources, networks, and corporations for success.
As it is a startups accelerator and co-working space, our goal is to create space that is energetic and stimulates creativity. Entrance embodies its symbol to welcome and encourage users. There are comfortable sofas to trigger communication in common area, and vibrant color scheme creates positive atmosphere. Simple yet sophisticated design is chosen for private areas so users can concentrate.

Type: Office
City: Shanghai, China
Completion Date: March, 2016
Size: 4000 sqm
Link : http://www.thexnode.com/

Recent Projects

The fashion icon, Beams, creates their new office in a high raised building with a view onto Yoyogi Park in Harajuku.

This office occupies 5 full stories for more than 600 of their employee

This is a residential showroom that is to be ’the most appealing apartment tower in Japan’.
‘The Salon’, in its luxury appearance, is designed to offer visitors not only a most holistic under

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